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Rick Genest : The Hero We Lost!

Rick Genest : The Hero We Lost!

This week the famous artist, actor and fashion model Rick Genest known as “Zombie Boy” or “Rico the zombie”, has sadly left our world .As for us he was one of our favorite fashion icons, one of our heroes who has defended  a great notion and a noble ideology being the way he was .

The artist has always considered his body with all his beautiful tattoos as a piece of art: “My body is a gradual work of art “. Rick Genest.

The idea here is to love our bodies and to just shape them, decorate them and dress them the way we are the most comfortable with. We only have one life inside of our bodies why not make it special?

No matter how many people disagree on the appearance one can have, starting from bullying at schools. But is it worth it to care and think about all the other “normal” people’s opinions? The only opinion that matters is the one you have in mind. Anyone who doesn’t understand difference and creativity, keep judging either because they want to be different and feel special too but they are so afraid to be looked at or because they are already brainwashed to just blindly follow the rules.

Anyone who dares to show his difference is a hero. Let people talk, let people stare, let them be amazed by your art on your own body. All that matters, is you looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking:” This is what I want to look like “. If you arrive to this stage of self-love, you can proudly adopt whatever clothing style or look that you think fits your ideas and personality the most with so much confidence.

Rick Genest was a hero for us and he will always be, because he dared to be different and no matter how many people disagreed about his look at first, he has gained too many fans and followers to his ideology, and to always keep this great man in our memory, because he will always be in our hearts , we designed a T-shirt as a tribute to this exceptional fashion figure .

“Everybody has their opinion and their own ideas of what beauty is “– Rick Genest.


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