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Why eerie clothes ?

Why eerie clothes ?


If you already know who we are, you know that the one thing that helped build EERIE CLOTHES is the way we see clothing in general; the first instrument with which you get to express who you are the way you want.

It’s familiar to hear that when you are dressed in the way you have always imagined yourself looking like, it boosts your confidence and make you feel much happier in your skin and more proud of yourself. Of course it is all true and we value this feeling!

It’s so true that we sometimes wonder how the association of these little pieces of clothes can have such a great effect on our mood. The same T-shirt can be worn in multiple ways, creating a huge variety of different looks. That’s the biggest proof that everyone has that artist inside of him that just need a small push to show everyone what he is able to do, free from any standards or any boundaries that tells you what to wear or not, and how to put it all together. It’s a crime to crash the creativity inside of you with all these rules that means nothing to anyone at all except for the one who created each one of them; they are call trends!  

We want to see people enjoying their bodies and feeling confident in how they look, embellishing themselves and revealing their unique clothing taste. Life is too short to dress up in those boring “trendy” clothes. How can you ever be interesting and special if there are at least thirty copies of you in the same town?


This is why we respect that sense of creativity that you have and that has nothing to do with any other person’s because everyone think their own special way, and we try to help you wake up that artist inside of you with some of our products, and then when our job is done you get to put your spell on it associating everything to create the best look for you, the one that fits you the most, the one that exposes THE UNIQUE PERSON YOU ARE!

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